Frequently Asked Questions

To register a .pr domain name, an applicant must satisfy the nic .pr Registration Agreement.
Any qualifying individual or organization can register an unlimited number of .pr domain names. In terms of the Incentive Program, organizations and individuals cannot register more than one .pr domain name.
.pr domain names will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis, in accordance with the Registration Agreement, provided that the applicant and its certified registrar meet all the conditions for registration as well as rules and procedures.
Visit From there you can access your account and find your domain names.
Please visit the following link to obtain information related to the accepted Payment Methods.
You can generate your own invoice under the "Invoices" tab by logging in to your account.
NIC (Network Information Center) is a standard term which is used to define a domain name registry.
NIC.PR is proudly managed by Gauss Research Laboratory, Inc.
After the completion of your domain name registration you will need to link it to a hosting service company in order to access the different tools that will allow you to:
- Custom your e-mail account
- Create a Website or Blog to build your online presence/identity
- Identity (domain name)
- Any services that requires host name

Visit so you can explore us as an option.
Domain Name:: lowercase letter, no space between characters
Username:: alphanumeric and no space between characters
Password:: alphanumeric and no space between characters
Locally (Puerto Rico) it takes about 24 hours and internationally about 48-72 hours
The Incentive Program allows an individual to register only one .pr domain name.
1. Go to the Forgot Password link.
2. Provide your username.
3. Answer the captcha image.
4. Submit the information.
5. Confirm the password reset e-mail.
6. Write the new desired password.
7. Submit the information.
As a courtesy we send an email as a notice that your .pr domain name is about to expire in 60 days and you have to renew it. If you haven’t renewed your domain name another email will be sent in 30 days before the expiration date. We are not responsible of the reminders for your renewal.
The process to renew the domain name is:
- Log in to your account. - Press the Renew button next to the domain name you wish to renew and follow the steps shown.
1. Go to
2. Fill out the form.
3. Answer the captcha image.
4. Agree the terms and conditions.
5. Submit the information.
6. Confirm the domain request e-mail.
7. The domain request will be evaluated by one of our representatives.
8. A confirmation of the registration will be sent by e-mail.
Extensions such as,,, or ( is only available for government entities) are available for request. If you desire to request any of these domains send us an email at
If your preferred hosting provider offers a name server you just add it to your .pr account, otherwise for other types of records you will need a DNS hosting service.


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