Frequently Asked Questions

To register a .pr domain name, an applicant must satisfy the nic .pr Registration Agreement for registrants.
Any qualifying individual or organization can register an unlimited number of .pr domain names.
No. Applications for the registration of domain names will only be accepted if they are admissible domain names in accordance with nic .pr Registration Agreement.
.pr domain names will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis, in accordance with the Registration Agreement, provided that the applicant and its certified registrar meet all the conditions for registration as well as rules and procedures.
Visit From there you can access your account.
Please visit the following link to obtain information related to the accepted Payment Methods.
You can generate your own invoice under the "Invoices" tab by loging in to your account.
NIC (Network Information Center) is a standard term which is use to define a registry.
NIC.PR is proudly run by Gauss Research Laboratory, Inc.